Wk 6 – Art Experience – Photowalk

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These past two weeks have been depressing because of midterms, but the photo walk really helped me relax now that I’m done. I thought the walk was nice because I was able to explore new things that day. I have actually never seen the CSULB sign that was shaped with plants before. Also, I have never been to the Japanese Garden even though I have lived at Hillside College during my first year, which was right next to it. Although, I have been to the Pyramid before so it wasn’t new to me. Two out of three things were new to me so I thought it was great! Our group didn’t have to walk all across campus to get to the Japanese Gardens either. Instead, we took the campus bus to get there, which was really convenient.

For my photos, I decided to take as many as possible so I could choose the ones I liked after. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but I did try to capture some photos while crouching to see if that changed the view a bit. I was never really into photography and my phone’s camera is mediocre in terms of quality, but I did like the photo I took of the zig-zagged bridge because I thought it had a nice design. The koi fishes were really awesome too!

My group’s guide was Maddy Braverman. I thought she did a splendid job at being the photo walk guide. She was very friendly and welcoming to everyone. I thought her idea for hopping on the campus bus was great because it saved us from walking a long distance. It also allowed for more time to explore the Japanese Garden as well as the Pyramid after. Nothing went wrong and everything went very smoothly. Props to Maddy for being an awesome photo walk guide!





Wk 5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

For this week’s art experience, I decided to work with cuisine rather than couture or coiffure. I thought it would be fun to make something out of my favorite food: doughnuts. I went to Mr. Good’s Donuts and purchased a dozen of them. Six were the regular glazed, three were chocolate, and three were the crumb doughnuts. For my creation, I only used nine of them. I simply cut the glazed ones in half and used it as my base. Then I placed the crumb doughnuts on top, except one was cut into fours. Then I topped it off with a chocolate doughnut that had its sides cut and placed at the peak. The sides of the chocolate doughnut were fit into the corners. In my mind, it looked more glamorous but the whole process was very messy. Every time I made a cut, there would be crumbs everywhere, especially the crumb doughnuts. Also, the cuts made multiple little cracks on the doughnuts, making it less appealing. Although, I did find it very enjoyable because I have always wanted to do something like this when I was young. However, my parents restricted me from doing so because they did not want me to play with my food, but now I can! I could finally see my doughnut imagination become reality and it was really fun.

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen

Info Block

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form; Single Entity

Media: metals, silver, copper, steel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East Gallery

Website: Not Available

Instagram: whipperton

About the Artist

Kristi Jensen is currently working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts here at CSULB and will be done by next semester. Her time is limited because she usually has three studious each semester, but she does knit and watch The Walking Dead on her free time. Her favorite character at the moment is Eugene, who seems to be stepping up this season. After graduating, she plans on working on something related to metals as opposed to an office based job. She has been working with metals for two years and she really enjoys creating her pieces because she likes setting things on fire. Her favorite artwork would be the neck piece.

Formal Analysis

Jensen’s neck piece looks very bright and colorful. The necklace has multiple silver strings attached to the pendant. The pendant is very intriguing because the design has multiple blades that spiral around the center. There are about three colors: blue, green, red. Each color seems to blend in nicely because it goes from a lighter to darker shade.

As for what Jensen refers to as the onion looking piece, it looks very symmetrical. Depending on how it is viewed, the sides seem to create a diamond pattern while the center has straight bars from top to bottom. Both the top and bottom have circular openings. The bars of metal connect the bottom to the top, which is held by a ring. The shape reminds me of a pot and it looks as if I was viewing a transparent pot.

Content Analysis

When asked about the meaning behind her pieces, she says that she focuses more on the technique of creating the pieces. Her inspiration stems from watching her grandfather fix the television. Even though it was not very artistic, she says that there was just something interesting about how his grandfather was self-taught and still pieced it together. Kristi Jensen began as a sculpture major, but she did not really enjoy it. Once she was introduced to metals, she realized that metals are much for forgiving because it can be reworked. Also, most of her art pieces do not have a name for them because she still needs improvement in naming and trying to finish her pieces as a whole. She tends to finish her artworks in approximately three weeks, which include the sketching and the initial planning.

My Experience

When I think of art, I usually think of paintings and drawings before anything else. Today’s exhibition really opened up my views on how art can be created. The different techniques to create such beautiful pieces amazes me. I thought it was awesome how Kristi Jensen also watches The Walking Dead like me. Although, it was surprising that her favorite character at the moment was Eugene because I thought not many people would like him. As for her artwork, I thought they were each beautiful in their own way. The neck piece has a brighter aspect to it, while the onion shaped piece looks very patterned. When she talked about creating the pieces and using fire, I wondered how the process looked. It would be very interesting to watch her create them. Overall, I enjoyed speaking to Kristi Jensen and learning about her life and her artwork.


Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Brandom Nhem


Today I met Brandom Nhem, who is a first year student here at CSULB. He is currently undeclared; however, Brandon is considering on majoring in Kinesiology. Some of his hobbies include playing tennis, collecting vinyl records, and playing games. One of the games he has played is Naruto. He also enjoys watching animes like Full Metal Alchemist and Attack on Titan. I thought that was really interesting because I have also watched those animes. We agreed that the live action movies that were made based on the anime were horrible. One thing he is really interested in is cinematography especially the angles and the way the film was made. Also, he’s currently rooting for Leonardo DiCaprio for an Oscar. He thought the actor did a good job on the Wolf of Wall Street. Overall, I think the conversation with Brandon was very nice.

Brandon’s website:



Wk 4 – Extra Credit – LA Louver Gallery

After I finished my graffiti writing at the Venice Art Walls, I went to the LA Louver with my friend Emily. Initially, we had trouble finding it but we eventually found it through the use of GPS. I was amazed when I first walked in because of the big hanging ship that caught my attention. I also liked the other works of art such as the one with houses placed on the wall. I thought it was a nice color combination and I saw the amazing details the artist added to the doors and stairs. The artwork that had a house on a chair was amazing too. I was wondering the amount of time the artist put to create it. There was also a room with a light shining on a house that hung from the ceiling and was spinning. I thought it was interesting to watch it for a few minutes. Emily and I walked to the second floor after to see Rebecca Campbell’s artwork. Although I didn’t take a picture of her works, I thought they were beautiful. There were several art frames of different faces with a similar color scheme. It had shades of white, black and a tint of red. The paintings looked very realistic and I noticed that they had different painting strokes that created the images. As I continued to walk around, I noticed a giant horse looking artwork by Deborah Butterfield. It was placed in what the gallery referred to as the sky room. It appeared that it was made from tree branches. It was very different compared to all the other artworks that I saw at the gallery. Overall, I really enjoyed visiting the LA Louver. Maybe I might come again another time.

Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Info Block

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: ceramics, epoxy

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-West Gallery

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samueljenri/

About the Artist

Samuel Jernigan, an artist from the bay area of California, primarily uses ceramics to create his works. He is a recent graduate of CSULB with a bachelor of fine arts in ceramics. In addition, he has applied to UCLA and USC to work on his master’s degree. Some of his hobbies include binge watching television, eating and reading comments. Playing guitar is another activity he enjoys doing. Although, he tends to spend most of his time at the studio and would rather sleep in his car for convenience. His creations explore the ideas of belonging as well as alienation.

Formal Analysis

Broke and Happy is the name of one of Samuel Jernigan’s artworks. It is shaped into a fictional fish shape that looks alive. The color of this piece appears to be mostly white, but not exactly because of all the different stains of colors on it. The closest shade of white that would describe it, would be old lace in my opinion. There are some stains on the forehead and body that also make the piece look rather bruised. Additionally, there are multiple cracks around the body that appear to be pieced together. According to Jernigan, he used epoxy to put it together. The shape of the fins looks very smooth and clean, but one of the fins is missing a piece. There are also small details to parts of the body as well as the face of the fish. For example, the small cuts around the fish are nicely carved. As for the face of the fish, it seems to really draw the audience’s attention.

Content Analysis

When Samuel Jernigan spoke about Broke and Happy, he mentioned that he was going through a tough situation around the time he was creating this artwork. When he was tightening the smile of the fish, he felt that it was just staring at him with this big smile even though he was really torn up at the time. I believe this was the inspiration for the title of this wonderful piece. Jernigan really took the time to make this art look broken and bruised. His thoughts and feelings took on the physical appearance of the fish.

My Experience

When I first walked in, I noticed a multitude of ceramic arts. I was amazed at all of them and I did not know which one I should ask the artist about. Samuel Jernigan was also surrounded by people that I could not hear anything he was saying. I had to wait awhile until I actually found an opportunity to talk to him. I thought he was very patient and understanding when everyone asked him questions. I can relate to Broke and Happy because there were times in my life when I felt really down. Even though I felt this way, everyone else does not see what I am going through. Instead, everyone just laughs and enjoys what they’re doing. I don’t tend to share my sadness either so the only one that knows is me. Although, I did get over that stage of my life and now I’m moving on to better things in life. Samuel Jernigan’s piece just reminded me of those times in a good way. In short, I enjoyed viewing his artwork as well as relating to some.

Wk 4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


On Saturday, I went to Home Depot to pick up some spray paint. I chose the colors blue and orange because they’re opposite color and it would make the writing stand out more. I also chose those colors because blue used to be my favorite color, but I have been liking orange more. After I purchased the spray paint, I drove to Venice Beach with my friend Emily. I have never been there before so everything was sort of new to me. The streets were full of people and there were a lot small restaurants around the area. There were also a crowd of people watching a group of people perform near the Venice Art Walls. When I walked towards the Art Walls, I saw people working on their piece. There was also many finished ones that looked amazing. I remember seeing a Wreck-It-Ralph artwork that looked awesome. I didn’t want to paint over the good ones so I chose a spot that already had a lot of graffiti writing on it. I watched the videos that showed how to write bubble letters on the Beach Arts site but when I actually tried to do it, I didn’t do so well. My spray paint also dripped so a nearby artist gave me a thinner cap to prevent that. I thought that was really nice of him to do, but it stilled dripped. It was really fun spray painting though because I have never done it. After I finished, I decided to give my extra paint to the same fellow that lent me the cap because I thought he would need it more than me since he looks more experienced. Then, I went to relax on the beach with Emily for a while. We decided to go to the LA Louver after that.