Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Mia Miller


I met Mia Miller the other day. She is a first year student and is currently majoring in Film. She dorms at Hillside, which was where I lived my first year too. Mia likes eating steak and drinking monster. She also enjoys reading and writing. Surprisingly, she used to have many pets such as a bunny, a rat, a guinea pig, six fishes, five dogs, seven cats, and three frogs. I don’t know if I listed them all, but those are all the ones that I was able to take a note of. I though it was interesting how she has traveled to many places. Some of them include Paris, London, and Ireland. There are also places that she wants to go in the future such as Korea and Australia. Mia also likes listening to a band called Avenged Sevenfold. This was a band that I used to listen to back in high school when I was learning how to play the guitar so I found that fascinating. She also watches animes such as Black Butler and Tokyo Ghoul. I enjoyed talking to Mia because she had similar interests with me and its always nice to hear stories about people traveling to different places. It makes me want to do so myself.


Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

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When I looked at everyone’s photos, I saw common themes that people would take pictures of. I saw many pictures of food, animals, selfies, and landscapes. There were also many pictures of the CSULB campus and the art gallery artwork. This was not surprising to me since we all go to the same school and have the same class. I think its also very common to take pictures of food and animals. My pictures were taken at home so they are slightly more different than a majority of my classmates. However, I do have a common picture of a drink with many other people as well. I also decided to take a picture of my volleyball team back in high school because it brought back good memories and I also thought it would be great to share. I believe these pictures do make us feel like a community because we all share common interests. Even though each person is individually unique and lead different lives, the photos show that our class can always share thoughts about commonalities.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Kimberly Morris

Info Block

Artist: Kimberly Morris

Exhibition: What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Real is Not

Media: Mixed media, human hair, synthetic hair

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Gatov-East Gallery

Website: http://www.kimmorrissculpture.com/

Instagram: @kim_morris_scuplture

About the Artist

Kimberly Morris is a graduate student working on her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She likes to use mixed media such as hair videos, photos, and body casting. Some of her hobbies include swing dancing and hiking. She has hiked to Temescal Canyon, Mount Baldy, and Eaton Canyon before. She also enjoys singing from time to time. Her creative works explores the topic of race.

Formal Analysis

In this exhibition, Kimberly used a mixture of synthetic hair and real hair for some of her works. For example, the picture that has hair wrapped around a person had both synthetic and real hair. The hair that was used in the picture was lying right next to the image with a strand that hangs from the ceiling. She also uses solely human hair for her other pieces such as the one that hangs from the side of the wall. This one has multiple curly black hair that seems to all attach to one stick. Most of it is black except the middle section, which has a shade of red near the ends of the hair. To the left of that piece lies a relatively long strand of hair that goes from the top of the ceiling, down the side of the wall, and to the ground. A small comb is attached to the hair near the end of the strand. The hair under the brush are straight, while the hair above it is curly.

Content Analysis

Morris explores the idea of race with her creations with hair. Since she is of African and Creole descent, she has experienced and perceived the world in a different way. The image with a person wrapped around the synthetic and real hair was actually her. The idea behind this artwork was that society often have this standard that binds people because of the color of their skin. Her piece with the comb conveys the message of beauty and how others can only see this on the surface.

My Experience

This type of artwork was something that I have never seen before. I found it very intriguing to observe. I was very surprised when I found out that the image with the person wrapped around the hair was actually Kimberly Morris herself. I was wondering how it felt to be inside of all that hair. I remember she mentioned that it was very itchy experience. I did not know what idea her artwork explored until I spoke to her about it. I thought it was interesting how hair can be used this way to convey the message of race and beauty. As a minority myself, I can somewhat relate to the issues that Morris talked about. I think Kimberly Morris conveys a strong message with her line of work and I really respect that.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Christine Kim


Today, I had a nice conversation with Christine Kim. I found out that she likes to listen to EDM, Reggae, rap, and screamo. She usually listens to her music with Pandora because she likes finding new music that way. Some of her hobbies include drawing, painting, and working out. She was really into powerlifting at one point, but decided to lift more casually now. Also, she enjoys drawing and painting on the weekends when she has free time. Additionally, Christine played soccer since she was ten and did hurdles in high school. She has been getting into radio hosting lately because she wants her own show possibly in the future. Another interest she thought about was becoming a tattoo apprentice so that she can learn how tattoo artists work. She recommended that I go to the tattoo expo if I ever decided to get a tattoo. Overall, I thought Christine was fascinating to talk to. I learned a lot about her and I thought it was very inspiring how she took the initiative to go practice with the radio talk show here at CSULB in order to learn more about the field.

Christine’s website: https://artistinsightx.wordpress.com/








Hi, my name is Venti. I am currently living at Moonbase Alpha, but my original home used to be in Backtruss back on Earth. One day in Backtruss, I discovered a strange bag that was left on a table. When I opened it, an extremely soothing smell bursted from the bag. It contained what seemed to be coffee beans. I decided to bring it back home since no one had claimed it. I immediately placed them in my coffee machine because I could not resist the incredible fragrance that I had smelled earlier. Once it was ready, I took a sip. The taste was unworldly and I was stunned. My whole body felt different that day. I realized later that I had gained a significant amount of strength. I was able to obliterate a rock by punching it. Initially, I thought it would last only for a day, but it persisted as the days went by. I feared my own strength and decided to move to Moonbase Alpha because I did not feel as though I belonged on Earth.

Meet some of my friends:

Santoori – A person you can consider a friend or an enemy depending on how you approach him.

Jimbae – A Space Fishman who has devoted himself to the martial arts

Sakata Toshi – A soldier of the Self-Defense Force

Margaret – A person who has a dog named Baloo

Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation – Marylin Try


On Thursday, I met Marylin Try. We actually met before when we were in the same group discussion on Tuesday. She is currently majoring in Kinesiology and plans to become a physical therapist. Marylin really enjoys being outdoors and playing sports. Some sports she plays include football, basketball, and volleyball. Also, she really likes to hike. She has hiked to Eaton Canyon and Hermit Falls. I also found out that she was in the high school basketball team. Overall, I thought Marylin was very friendly and fun to talk to. I’m glad I was able to meet her and I hope I can meet people just as nice as her.

Here’s her website:


Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Brianna Joy

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Info Block

Artist: Brianna Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: BFK paper, screen printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East Gallery

Website: Not Available

Instagram: @bri.joy

About the Artist

Brianna Joy was raised in Modjeska Canyon and went to Orange Coast College. She eventually transferred to CSULB and went into the printmaking program. This will be her final year before graduating. She does not have a website at the moment because she wants to market herself well in the future. She believes that if she decided to make one now, then people may ask her questions about her work and she may be too busy to answer them. That is why she decided to make one after she graduates so that she will have enough time to devote to people who are interested in her line of work. Some of her hobbies include yoga, surfing, snowboarding, hiking, and skateboarding.

Formal Analysis

Most of Brianna’s works are very abstract and can be interpreted in different ways. She manipulates multiple lines to create an interesting image to her audience. There were a few that made obvious images of people. For example, one of her works was a self-portrait that was surrounded by the unique lines created from the printmaking machine. The way she described the process of making her artwork seemed very difficult, at least to me, it did. From what I can recall, she mentioned that she uses a screen with light sensitive emulsion. She also uses mostly water based ink in order to be more environmental friendly. Brianna wanted to push herself by doing something that was different from what others were doing. She decided to construct her own print board and buy large rolls of paper in order to create her visions. Since the paper were rolled up, she had to flatten and spray them down in order to use them properly. She had to be very detailed with her work, otherwise, a mistake or two could cost her considerably.

Content Analysis

Back in Modjeska Canyon, Brianna mentioned that she did not have cellphones and there were not that many people there. She was in a culture shock once she arrived here. Brianna thought that people around here did not form relationships as easily as she did back where she was from. She was not used to this feeling, but it made her value her own relationships even more because of that. This may be one of her reasons for having this show called Merge. It is supposed to merge both the past and present as well as a reference to her origins. Her intentions were to create artworks that were organic, yet digitized. She used to work with many different colors, but this time she decided to work with only black and white in order to bring forth a variation of emotions.

My Experience

Brianna’s work reminded me of my high school art class experience. This was during a time when my art teacher asked us to create nine abstract pictures that could have been in color or black and white. I decided to go with black and white rather than color because I thought it would be easier. It was still difficult because abstract was really broad to me. At the time, I had a hard time coming up with ideas, but eventually I drew what was in my mind. Brianna’s work really resonated with one of my drawings because she used very precise lines to create different images. I thought it was amazing how the printmaking machine can form such unique lines. I also thought it was interesting how she viewed this city and the people. I actually wish that people could be more trustworthy and open because sometimes I have a hard time opening myself up too.