Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This week’s art experience was nice and relaxing. I haven’t drawn anything in a really long time and I thought that was fun. I’m not the best at drawing, but I tried. For the three representational drawings, I drew the branches of a tree, the bridge, and the stone lantern. I tried shading for the stone lantern, but I’m not that good at it. For the three abstract drawings, I decided to draw a lily, a leaf, and a duck. They originally looked like their actual objects, but I made adjustments to make it more abstract rather than realistic. I think these drawings turned out well. My three representational photos were pretty simple. A tree, a small waterfall, and a Koi fish. I didn’t know what exactly abstract photos should be, but I did try to take more zoomed in photos. I think the zoomed in shots makes the photo look really nice. The bottom middle picture is one of the sticks on the bridge. I think this was better than my other two abstract photos because the viewer can’t really tell what it is compared to the obvious pictures of the flowers. It feels great to do something different once in awhile.


Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

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This week’s art experience was different. I usually receive more packages than I would send. Sending someone an ACP is similar to Snapchat because there’s a story behind both of them. A snap shows what is going on and it could be a funny or sad snap. An ACP can similarly do the same because the items within it can tell the receiver what happened before. Also, they’re both ephemeral because they don’t last long, but they can be kept. Snapchat has the screenshot option and for the ACP, the receiver can decide to keep the items. The way that the ACP is different from Snapchat is that it has tangible items. I think ephemera is valuable because it can bring forth memories that were forgotten. I like to keep some of my movie tickets or basketball tickets so that I can look back and remember those good moments. I actually write the names that I experienced it with so I don’t forget. My grandma’s parking ticket would only mean something to me if she told me a story behind it. Other than that, I would not really care. Maybe I would initially say, “Oh, wow!” After those few seconds, it would not mean anything to me without a background behind it. I believe there is a difference between the art seen by many versus the ones seen by few. I think the ones seen by a few people feel more special to them because they’re the small population that were able to experience something spectacular. Once it becomes mainstream, that special feeling deteriorates. Although, the artist would become more famous in that way. I think making the ACP takes more effort because the person making it, has to come up with ideas to put into the box. I think snaps require less effort because the person can record something that is happening at that moment. It could be something awesome, but I think an ACP is more caring. Everybody likes to receive their gifts faster, but slow can be a good thing too. It can be more of a surprise when it’s finally received by the person. I think the ACP really depends on what the person puts into it because if it’s just a bunch of trash then it’s meaningless. The person obviously didn’t put in any effort, but if there are some items that has value then I think it would be better than a snap.

Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Oscar Alvarez


This week I met Oscar Alvarez. He is a second year student majoring in Psychology. When I asked him what his hobbies were, he told me that he enjoys making music in his laptop. He likes different music genres, but prefers Hip Hop. His favorite artist is actually Kanye West and his favorite album is Graduation. I thought that was great because I like Kanye West too, but I don’t know which songs belong to each album. Also, I found out that Oscar used to play baseball. I asked if he was working and he told me that he’s working at a movie theater in Hollywood. Overall, it was nice meeting Oscar because he’s a very friendly guy.

Oscar’s website

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Nick Bamford

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Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Wood, foam, clay, mixed media

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

About the Artist

Nick is an undergraduate senior working towards his BFA degree in Ceramics. He will be graduating this semester and plans on taking a year off before going to graduate school. When asked about his interests, he said that he enjoys building things and experimenting with them. Taking things out of context and putting them into another context was the idea behind Nick’s creations.

Formal Analysis

This exhibition displayed three pieces of Nick’s artwork. Some of the media he used were clay, cement, foams, and wood. All of them used ambient theatrical lighting, but each of them were also unique in their own way. One of them had a standing doll at the base with multiple items protruding from what seems to be its back. Another one had a colorful fan that was spinning at the top of the piece right next to a very long, green stick of light. The last one had a shopping cart and a prosthetic leg stacked on each other with sticks of light in between. When Nick was asked which one was his favorite piece, he said that he liked the one with the shopping cart because it took him the longest to make. Amazingly, the whole process for the exhibition took Nick five days to build.

Content Analysis

According to Nick, he wanted to use neon lights because he always favored black lights and he believes it brings a more artistic meaning to his pieces. It also brings forth different emotions to his audience. Nick always preferred art, but he found out that he enjoyed ceramics more when he took a class in high school. From that point on, he continued his passion for years.

My Experience

When I first walked into the exhibition, I was not expecting it to be dark. I thought it was really creative how Nick made each of his artworks. I have never seen anything like this and I thought the black lights definitely added more complexity to his pieces. I was wondering the whole time how he was able to put each of the items together. I was also wondering how it stayed balance because the tallest piece looks very fragile. I also thought his artwork with the fan was a really awesome concept. Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibition because it was new and interesting to me.


Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

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Info Block

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: Gatov-West Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is an artist that focuses primarily in printmaking. She will be graduating with a master’s degree once the spring semester is over. Interestingly, she originally obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She plans to teach a printmaking class sometime in the future and encouraged us to sign up. This exhibition was all about succession, which describes changes in an environment usually after a disturbance has occurred.

Formal Analysis

Google maps was used as a foundation for Chen’s works. After obtaining the picture that she wants, she modifies the image with her utensils to create a different perspective. Usually a picture of a landscape has very natural shapes and colors. However, Chen used a different approach for her images.┬áMany of her works show trees that have a jagged shape. Her choice of colors is also different. One of her images has multiple pink areas that seem unusual, but this is done purposely to convey a different message to the viewer. She also has works that are more zoomed out than the others. The more zoomed out ones can show the audience a larger scale effect of succession.

Content Analysis

When I asked Jennifer Chen whether she had any inspirations, she told me that she enjoys the process of observation especially with ecology. She also mentioned that she likes doing things with her heart. Her works of succession can truly show how much work she has put into each of them. There are actually different types of succession. One would be primary and the other is secondary. Primary succession happens when everything is wiped out. On the other hand, secondary succession happens when a small disturbance has happened.

My Experience

I thought Jennifer Chen was really interesting to listen to because I am also majoring in biology, but I am also interested in pursuing a career within the art field. When I saw her works, I was very inspired by how she connected what she learned from her major into her artworks. I actually learned about succession in my ecology class and it was awesome to listen to an artist who created these images with Google maps to talk about it. I hope to pursue animation one day and this definitely gave me more hopes that it is possible to do something outside of my major.


Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Lee


On Thursday, I met Jennifer Lee. She’s a second year student and is currently majoring in Healthcare Administration. She likes to bake and watch Korean dramas. Some of the foods that she has baked before are cookies and macaroons. Jennifer also enjoys decorating desserts. I asked what kind of food she likes to eat and she told me she likes eating sushi and hot pot. For hot pot, she likes going to Jazz Cat which is familiar to me because I have also been there many times. We also talked about what genres of movies we like and I found out that Jennifer prefers romance. We found out that we both live in the same area back in Alhambra which is awesome because I haven’t met a lot of people that are from the same area as me. Jennifer also mentioned that she went to Vietnam before. Some of the places that she wants to go in the future are Korea and Taiwan. Overall, I had a great time talking to Jennifer because she’s very friendly!

Jennifer’s website


Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

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This week’s art experience was fun! I had a hard time searching for the geocache initially. I was proud of myself once I found it though. I decided to search for one in Alhambra and decided to go with Harlow Was Here. It was hidden at a very good spot because it was camouflaged. I kept walking around looking for it and I almost gave up, but I gave it one more chance and I’m glad I did. Although this geocache didn’t have any trinkets to trade with, it did have a nice story about the area originally being an airport. Placing a geocache myself was much easier because I had many choices. I wished I placed mine somewhere at CSULB so others could find it, but I was back at home so I decided to place it nearby. I don’t know if anyone would try to find mine, but I didn’t make it too hard. Here’s a hint if someone actually tries to find it: it’s located in a parking lot.

There are secrets even in restaurants. Muggles can refer to the people who don’t know the In-N-Out secret menu or even the one at Jamba Juice. I find the secrets very entertaining because it makes me feel like a special customer in a way. I don’t know if you can map feelings and emotions onto a location. I guess it depends on where it’s placed and the story behind it. Maybe people could relate to the items that are placed within it too. Although people do trade trinkets that can be random, I think a good story and a good hiding spot can map an emotion.