Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

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Info Block

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Printmaking

Gallery: Gatov-West Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Jennifer Chen is an artist that focuses primarily in printmaking. She will be graduating with a master’s degree once the spring semester is over. Interestingly, she originally obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology. She plans to teach a printmaking class sometime in the future and encouraged us to sign up. This exhibition was all about succession, which describes changes in an environment usually after a disturbance has occurred.

Formal Analysis

Google maps was used as a foundation for Chen’s works. After obtaining the picture that she wants, she modifies the image with her utensils to create a different perspective. Usually a picture of a landscape has very natural shapes and colors. However, Chen used a different approach for her images.¬†Many of her works show trees that have a jagged shape. Her choice of colors is also different. One of her images has multiple pink areas that seem unusual, but this is done purposely to convey a different message to the viewer. She also has works that are more zoomed out than the others. The more zoomed out ones can show the audience a larger scale effect of succession.

Content Analysis

When I asked Jennifer Chen whether she had any inspirations, she told me that she enjoys the process of observation especially with ecology. She also mentioned that she likes doing things with her heart. Her works of succession can truly show how much work she has put into each of them. There are actually different types of succession. One would be primary and the other is secondary. Primary succession happens when everything is wiped out. On the other hand, secondary succession happens when a small disturbance has happened.

My Experience

I thought Jennifer Chen was really interesting to listen to because I am also majoring in biology, but I am also interested in pursuing a career within the art field. When I saw her works, I was very inspired by how she connected what she learned from her major into her artworks. I actually learned about succession in my ecology class and it was awesome to listen to an artist who created these images with Google maps to talk about it. I hope to pursue animation one day and this definitely gave me more hopes that it is possible to do something outside of my major.



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