Wk 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

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This week’s art experience was different. I usually receive more packages than I would send. Sending someone an ACP is similar to Snapchat because there’s a story behind both of them. A snap shows what is going on and it could be a funny or sad snap. An ACP can similarly do the same because the items within it can tell the receiver what happened before. Also, they’re both ephemeral because they don’t last long, but they can be kept. Snapchat has the screenshot option and for the ACP, the receiver can decide to keep the items. The way that the ACP is different from Snapchat is that it has tangible items. I think ephemera is valuable because it can bring forth memories that were forgotten. I like to keep some of my movie tickets or basketball tickets so that I can look back and remember those good moments. I actually write the names that I experienced it with so I don’t forget. My grandma’s parking ticket would only mean something to me if she told me a story behind it. Other than that, I would not really care. Maybe I would initially say, “Oh, wow!” After those few seconds, it would not mean anything to me without a background behind it. I believe there is a difference between the art seen by many versus the ones seen by few. I think the ones seen by a few people feel more special to them because they’re the small population that were able to experience something spectacular. Once it becomes mainstream, that special feeling deteriorates. Although, the artist would become more famous in that way. I think making the ACP takes more effort because the person making it, has to come up with ideas to put into the box. I think snaps require less effort because the person can record something that is happening at that moment. It could be something awesome, but I think an ACP is more caring. Everybody likes to receive their gifts faster, but slow can be a good thing too. It can be more of a surprise when it’s finally received by the person. I think the ACP really depends on what the person puts into it because if it’s just a bunch of trash then it’s meaningless. The person obviously didn’t put in any effort, but if there are some items that has value then I think it would be better than a snap.


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