Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Ramtin Yousefi


This week’s classmate conversation was with Ramtin Yousefi. I remember meeting Ramtin thirteen weeks ago when we did the plaster casting at Seal Beach. I remember giving him the rest of my plaster because I had extra since I bought a big bag of it from Home Depot. It’s been a long time now that I think of it. I didn’t get to know Ramtin back then, but on Thursday, I was able to have a pleasant conversation with him. I found out that Ramtin likes to be outgoing and enjoys drinking whiskey. His favorite food would have to be Italian food, such as spaghetti, and also Mexican food as well. He listens to deep house, rap and hip-hop. Some of the places that he wants to travel in the future would be Italy and Spain. When asked how his friends describe him, he said, “funny and crazy.” I also asked what his current goals are. Ramtin said that he plans on finding a job after he graduates and plans on saving money. Overall, I thought Ramtin was a great guy to talk to. I hope that he will be able to find success after he graduates this semester. I wish him the best of luck! As for the picture, we forgot to take one so this is the serious picture he gave me.

Check out his website Ramtin Yousefi


Wk 14 – Activity Feedback

There were many awesome activities that I enjoyed for Art 110. My top three would have to be Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Photowalk. I like those activities because they encouraged me to go outdoors and explore. I don’t usually do that often so I thought it was a nice change. I went to the beach for Plaster Casting and I didn’t know what to expect initially, but it turned out to be fun. The Graffiti Writing activity was fun for me because I went to Venice Beach to do it. I also went to the LA Louver Gallery that was nearby for extra credit. I think that added more to the experience and I had a great time. The Photowalk was interesting too because I discovered places that I had never been to before such as the CSULB sign and the Japanese Garden.

As for three that were my least favorite. I would have to say those would be Moonbase Alpha, Automatic Drawing, and Instagram. I actually like all the activities but I guess those would be the ones of the bottom of the list because they were simple to me. I just didn’t find it as enjoyable as the other activities.

This class was fun and exciting to me compared to my other classes. I’m a Biology major so my other classes are just labs and lectures. Every time I went to this class, I always found it to be interesting. Discussions were always different and I liked hearing different perspectives from everyone. I thought the art galleries were great too. I find it fascinating to see all these types of artists showcase their artworks. I always feel inspired by them whenever I go because I think to myself how they were able to dedicate so much time to make such incredible pieces. This class really helped me explore my surroundings and also different ideas that I never even thought of.

I can’t really think of anything that would make the class better. I enjoyed all aspects whether its the artist and classmates conversations, or the art experience, it was all great in my opinion.