Wk 14 – Activity Feedback

There were many awesome activities that I enjoyed for Art 110. My top three would have to be Plaster Casting, Graffiti Writing, and Photowalk. I like those activities because they encouraged me to go outdoors and explore. I don’t usually do that often so I thought it was a nice change. I went to the beach for Plaster Casting and I didn’t know what to expect initially, but it turned out to be fun. The Graffiti Writing activity was fun for me because I went to Venice Beach to do it. I also went to the LA Louver Gallery that was nearby for extra credit. I think that added more to the experience and I had a great time. The Photowalk was interesting too because I discovered places that I had never been to before such as the CSULB sign and the Japanese Garden.

As for three that were my least favorite. I would have to say those would be Moonbase Alpha, Automatic Drawing, and Instagram. I actually like all the activities but I guess those would be the ones of the bottom of the list because they were simple to me. I just didn’t find it as enjoyable as the other activities.

This class was fun and exciting to me compared to my other classes. I’m a Biology major so my other classes are just labs and lectures. Every time I went to this class, I always found it to be interesting. Discussions were always different and I liked hearing different perspectives from everyone. I thought the art galleries were great too. I find it fascinating to see all these types of artists showcase their artworks. I always feel inspired by them whenever I go because I think to myself how they were able to dedicate so much time to make such incredible pieces. This class really helped me explore my surroundings and also different ideas that I never even thought of.

I can’t really think of anything that would make the class better. I enjoyed all aspects whether its the artist and classmates conversations, or the art experience, it was all great in my opinion.


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