Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Lee


On Thursday, I met Jennifer Lee. She’s a second year student and is currently majoring in Healthcare Administration. She likes to bake and watch Korean dramas. Some of the foods that she has baked before are cookies and macaroons. Jennifer also enjoys decorating desserts. I asked what kind of food she likes to eat and she told me she likes eating sushi and hot pot. For hot pot, she likes going to Jazz Cat which is familiar to me because I have also been there many times. We also talked about what genres of movies we like and I found out that Jennifer prefers romance. We found out that we both live in the same area back in Alhambra which is awesome because I haven’t met a lot of people that are from the same area as me. Jennifer also mentioned that she went to Vietnam before. Some of the places that she wants to go in the future are Korea and Taiwan. Overall, I had a great time talking to Jennifer because she’s very friendly!

Jennifer’s website



Wk 12 – Art Experience – Game Design

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This week’s art experience was fun! I had a hard time searching for the geocache initially. I was proud of myself once I found it though. I decided to search for one in Alhambra and decided to go with Harlow Was Here. It was hidden at a very good spot because it was camouflaged. I kept walking around looking for it and I almost gave up, but I gave it one more chance and I’m glad I did. Although this geocache didn’t have any trinkets to trade with, it did have a nice story about the area originally being an airport. Placing a geocache myself was much easier because I had many choices. I wished I placed mine somewhere at CSULB so others could find it, but I was back at home so I decided to place it nearby. I don’t know if anyone would try to find mine, but I didn’t make it too hard. Here’s a hint if someone actually tries to find it: it’s located in a parking lot.

There are secrets even in restaurants. Muggles can refer to the people who don’t know the In-N-Out secret menu or even the one at Jamba Juice. I find the secrets very entertaining because it makes me feel like a special customer in a way. I don’t know if you can map feelings and emotions onto a location. I guess it depends on where it’s placed and the story behind it. Maybe people could relate to the items that are placed within it too. Although people do trade trinkets that can be random, I think a good story and a good hiding spot can map an emotion.

Wk 11 – Art Experience – Turning Pages

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There are multiple ways to document ephemeral experiences in this day and age. Videos, photos, and words can all describe them. I believe that words and pictures can capture an experience depending on how they are written or taken. For example, a very descriptive paragraph allows the reader to understand much more of the experience than one that is  very simple and vague. Depending on how a photo is taken, the viewer may see multiple things going on or maybe nothing at all. The style of the words and images definitely matters. Poetry can definitely affect a person differently than normal writing. Poetry is everywhere also even in our music, often affecting how a person feels. The style of the image also gives different points of view. There are so many filters for photos nowadays that can change the way we see images. A conversation can be used to share the experience with people who were not there. Sometimes the act of documenting does take me out of the experience. Instead of enjoying the moment, many people would rather attempt to take a perfect photo or video.

When our class did not take photos in the library, I thought that everyone was more focused on the activity. Many people actually read the book and had conversations with their neighbors. Some thought the activity was a bit awkward, but I thought it was interesting. When we went to the bookstore, everyone kind of scattered and did their own thing. There was more freedom and it felt more relaxed.

This activity was interesting to me. I like the idea of traveling to different places and experiencing a new feeling. I actually never went to the children’s book section in the library because I didn’t even know they had one. Some of the books brought back my childhood memories. It was fun to share the experience with everyone too. I never explored the guitar section of the bookstore either so I thought that was great.

Marta  Troya was definitely inspirational to me. I thought her stories of traveling were very interesting. I really liked how she questioned many aspects of her life and worked to make changes and improvements. I felt connected to her in that way because I want to improve on myself as well. It always starts with questions, but its the actions that are tough. Changes can’t be made without actually doing things that would be beneficial to the path to improvement. That’s why I thought Marta is awesome because she carried out what she wanted to do and is continuing to do so.


Wk 10 – Classmate Conversation – Mia Miller


I met Mia Miller the other day. She is a first year student and is currently majoring in Film. She dorms at Hillside, which was where I lived my first year too. Mia likes eating steak and drinking monster. She also enjoys reading and writing. Surprisingly, she used to have many pets such as a bunny, a rat, a guinea pig, six fishes, five dogs, seven cats, and three frogs. I don’t know if I listed them all, but those are all the ones that I was able to take a note of. I though it was interesting how she has traveled to many places. Some of them include Paris, London, and Ireland. There are also places that she wants to go in the future such as Korea and Australia. Mia also likes listening to a band called Avenged Sevenfold. This was a band that I used to listen to back in high school when I was learning how to play the guitar so I found that fascinating. She also watches animes such as Black Butler and Tokyo Ghoul. I enjoyed talking to Mia because she had similar interests with me and its always nice to hear stories about people traveling to different places. It makes me want to do so myself.

Wk 10 – Art Experience – Instagram

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When I looked at everyone’s photos, I saw common themes that people would take pictures of. I saw many pictures of food, animals, selfies, and landscapes. There were also many pictures of the CSULB campus and the art gallery artwork. This was not surprising to me since we all go to the same school and have the same class. I think its also very common to take pictures of food and animals. My pictures were taken at home so they are slightly more different than a majority of my classmates. However, I do have a common picture of a drink with many other people as well. I also decided to take a picture of my volleyball team back in high school because it brought back good memories and I also thought it would be great to share. I believe these pictures do make us feel like a community because we all share common interests. Even though each person is individually unique and lead different lives, the photos show that our class can always share thoughts about commonalities.

Wk 9 – Artist Conversation – Kimberly Morris

Info Block

Artist: Kimberly Morris

Exhibition: What’s Mine is Yours, What’s Real is Not

Media: Mixed media, human hair, synthetic hair

Gallery: CSULB School of Arts, Gatov-East Gallery

Website: http://www.kimmorrissculpture.com/

Instagram: @kim_morris_scuplture

About the Artist

Kimberly Morris is a graduate student working on her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. She likes to use mixed media such as hair videos, photos, and body casting. Some of her hobbies include swing dancing and hiking. She has hiked to Temescal Canyon, Mount Baldy, and Eaton Canyon before. She also enjoys singing from time to time. Her creative works explores the topic of race.

Formal Analysis

In this exhibition, Kimberly used a mixture of synthetic hair and real hair for some of her works. For example, the picture that has hair wrapped around a person had both synthetic and real hair. The hair that was used in the picture was lying right next to the image with a strand that hangs from the ceiling. She also uses solely human hair for her other pieces such as the one that hangs from the side of the wall. This one has multiple curly black hair that seems to all attach to one stick. Most of it is black except the middle section, which has a shade of red near the ends of the hair. To the left of that piece lies a relatively long strand of hair that goes from the top of the ceiling, down the side of the wall, and to the ground. A small comb is attached to the hair near the end of the strand. The hair under the brush are straight, while the hair above it is curly.

Content Analysis

Morris explores the idea of race with her creations with hair. Since she is of African and Creole descent, she has experienced and perceived the world in a different way. The image with a person wrapped around the synthetic and real hair was actually her. The idea behind this artwork was that society often have this standard that binds people because of the color of their skin. Her piece with the comb conveys the message of beauty and how others can only see this on the surface.

My Experience

This type of artwork was something that I have never seen before. I found it very intriguing to observe. I was very surprised when I found out that the image with the person wrapped around the hair was actually Kimberly Morris herself. I was wondering how it felt to be inside of all that hair. I remember she mentioned that it was very itchy experience. I did not know what idea her artwork explored until I spoke to her about it. I thought it was interesting how hair can be used this way to convey the message of race and beauty. As a minority myself, I can somewhat relate to the issues that Morris talked about. I think Kimberly Morris conveys a strong message with her line of work and I really respect that.

Wk 9 – Classmate Conversation – Christine Kim


Today, I had a nice conversation with Christine Kim. I found out that she likes to listen to EDM, Reggae, rap, and screamo. She usually listens to her music with Pandora because she likes finding new music that way. Some of her hobbies include drawing, painting, and working out. She was really into powerlifting at one point, but decided to lift more casually now. Also, she enjoys drawing and painting on the weekends when she has free time. Additionally, Christine played soccer since she was ten and did hurdles in high school. She has been getting into radio hosting lately because she wants her own show possibly in the future. Another interest she thought about was becoming a tattoo apprentice so that she can learn how tattoo artists work. She recommended that I go to the tattoo expo if I ever decided to get a tattoo. Overall, I thought Christine was fascinating to talk to. I learned a lot about her and I thought it was very inspiring how she took the initiative to go practice with the radio talk show here at CSULB in order to learn more about the field.

Christine’s website: https://artistinsightx.wordpress.com/